Plastic Bag Ban - Are You Ready?

Plastic Bag Ban - Are You Ready?

For years, several states and territories around Australia have banned single use plastic bags. Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia are all about to jump onboard, meaning New South Wales is the only place in Australia yet to introduce a ban. However, with the announcement that both Woolies and Coles will no longer provide plastic bags to their customers, there has never been a more vital time for Aussies to find a reusable option that works for them.

Yes, there are plenty of options out there. From the green bags already available in the supermarket to the traditional “granny” trolleys. Cardboard boxes to just shoving everything from the trolley straight into the car boot. But did you know giving up plastic bags, does not mean giving up convenience?

Trolley Bags have been around for over 4 years now. When they first hit the scene, they raised a lot of questions. What was this train of 4 brightly colours bags that sit in a trolley, and how can they possibly make my shopping trip easier?

Well Australia and the world fell in love with this truly unique invention and Trolley Bags are now available on every continent. But why is it that this nifty little product making such waves?

It’s the sheer genius behind its concept. Having bags that keep themselves open and upright, means you can pack and sort your shopping with two hands. No balancing act. No floppy bags dropping to the floor, spilling everything out. And once you get to the car, they easily separate to be placed into the boot one at a time. Packing them up couldn’t be easier, ready for your next trip.

Just because the “easy” solution will soon be taken away, doesn’t mean your shopping trips suddenly have to become more difficult. In fact they could become easier, and dare I say more enjoyable with Trolley Bags.

It’s time for you join the Trolley Bags Revolution.