How To Use Your Trolley Bags

How To Use Your Trolley Bags

Trolley Bags are slowly but surely taking over Australia. People love having an alternative to plastic bags that is more convenient and efficient than the options currently out there.

Here's how to get the most out of your Trolley Bags:

Never forget them at home.

Once you take your shopping inside and have empty bags, reattach them along the Velcro strips, roll them up and put them straight into your car boot. This way you will never get to the shops without them.

Pack smarter and quicker.

The 4 bags vary in size – The orange bag is the biggest and the blue bag is the smallest. It is best to pack bulkier and lighter items (like toilet paper, tissues etc.) into the larger bags, and smaller and heavier items (like bottles, tins etc.) into the smaller bags. This will help ensure you don’t pack a bag that is too heavy for you to lift out. It may take some time getting used to this new packing method, but after a few goes you will have it down to a fine art.

Keep them clean.

It is easy to remove the rods from the tops of Trolley Bags through the openings at each end. Once removed, you can just pop your bags into the machine to wash.

Get the kids involved in packing.

Extra hands will never go astray at the checkout (especially at Aldi). As the bags are colour coded, you can teach your kids which items typically go into which coloured bag, and get them to help at the checkout. It could almost become a game.

Not doing a massive shop?

Not a problem. The bags each work independently of each other and in any combination. Take one or two for the days you only have a few things to pick up.

Be prepared to stand out.

One last thing… You will be the centre of attention at your supermarket. Everyone will want to know where you got them from. So just remember to tell them