Cooler Bag for Trolley Bags is here

Cooler Bag for Trolley Bags is here

A Global Australian First!

Trolley Bags launched here in 2015 and Australia was the 3rd country in the world to start selling this revolutionary product after Ireland (where they were invented) and the UK. Trolley bags are now sold all over the world (over 30 countries and growing each month) and have been a phenomenal success globally. Trolley Bags have featured on TV, in press, magazines and of course online. In fact Facebook has been instrumental in people hearing about this new product and with numbers like below it’s not surprising they are so popular.

Since the launch last year people using their Trolley Bags have asked for one thing consistently – a Cool Bag. Through all the ways we engage with our customers this was one thing that was made clear.

We are pleased to announce the Trolley Bag Original Cool is here and Australia is officially the first country worldwide to make it available. With summer fast approaching the timing is perfect. The Blue Cool Bag is designed specifically to be used with the Trolley Bags - It fits snugly into the small number 1 blue bag of the Trolley Bag set. You can continue to use Trolley Bags without the Cool bag or with, whenever it is required. Made with the insulated foil that you are familiar with in cool bags, the Trolley Bags Original Cool Bag folds up to a neat package when not in use for easy transport. When required, just undo the Velcro straps, unfold it and place it snugly in the blue Trolley Bag.

You can buy yours now individually at the launch price of $14.95 with free shipping at or purchase a bundle package with Trolley Bags Original and Trolley Bags Cool Bag for $49.95.

Keeping your shopping cold just got a whole lot easier!